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Medical Centre Advisory and Brokerage (MCAB) is committed to ensuring new and existing clients firstly receive the best advice about their Medical Centre before deciding what course of action will ensure the best financial outcome for them. Today, the most obvious option to take may not be strategically the best option for you our client. We look at all the possibilities before making our recommendations to you.

As part of our advisory, MCAB works with clients that want to take their business to the next level and create much stronger and sustainable financial returns now and know there is a Goodwill value based on these improved returns of the business when it is time to sell or take on partners.

As an owner of a GP practice and/or owner of the property associated with the practice we challenge you to look beyond this historic and traditional approach as it has significant future limitations in our opinion. Allow MCAB to review your current situation and see what changes can be made to enhance the business and create sustainable profits that leads to Goodwill.

MCAB was founded by John King and Stephen Vaughan, following 30 years of selling Healthcare businesses throughout Australia. John and Stephen are both Fully Licensed Estate Agent and Business Broker.

MCAB has dedicated offices located in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane and can respond quickly and on a confidential and professional basis for both sellers and buyers.

We work with our clients to understand the individual aspects of each Medical Centre to a degree that is consistent with the ability to represent clients professionally and maximize the investment for our clients.


  • We recently purchased a large Medical Centre and property though MCAB. It was a significant investment for us and John King proved not only patient but provided excellent guidance, advice, and support along the way. With any large transaction these days there are always delays caused by third parties such as Banks as you approach settlement. John’s knowledge and advice provided invaluable as he helped manage the Vendor’s expectations as we worked towards settlement. John not only provided us with a great business but encouraged the relationship between the Vendor and ourselves. This also proved to be invaluable as both parties worked together towards settlement and supported each other throughout an excellent handover. John is trustworthy, honest and very good at selling Medical Centers.

    Thu Le
  • I engaged John King to sell my large Medical Practice and associated property. John worked very well with my Accountant and Solicitor and throughout it was evident he truly had my best interests as his priority. His guidance, advice, and support along the way demonstrated that John was in control of the sale throughout the whole process. This was especially comforting to me during the expected challenging stages of selling a business. John achieved an exceptional result for me yet from the outset abided by my requests not to overexpose the business and to prioritize protecting my staff until the timing was right to advise them of the sale. John, due to his length of time in the industry and considerable experience and networking history, sought out an appropriate and genuine Purchaser, without “false starts”. His knowledge and support of the Purchaser were evident and I firmly believe that his communication with the Purchaser’s bank and Valuer’s added momentum to a very successful result for myself and the Purchaser.  I highly recommend John King to you.

    Dr. Jenny Downes-Brydon