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Buying a Medical Centre

Many doctors are working in an environment where they are only securing a good wage based on their own hours. This might be in a traditional practice or working for a corporation owned practice. We can help you take control of your career path and ownership aspirations.

The best way of becoming a qualified buyer is to complete our buyer’s registration form. This form helps us place you in the right business for you, and gives us the confidence to present opportunities to you that may not necessarily come your way without being registered as a qualified buyer with MCAB.

Preparation should include meetings with your accountant and talks to a number of banks, Choose a solicitor that has preferably done Medical Centre transactions so as to be familiar with the process.

MCAB has strong connections to allied professionals including ‘Health sector’ financial institutions, Valuers, Accounting and legal firms focused on the Healthcare market. These strong relationships assist in supporting the buyer’s financial requirements.

All buyers will be required to sign Confidentiality Agreements and Disclaimer Agreements prior to viewing any information on Medical Centre’s MCAB has for sale. Individual Agreements are required to be completed before being provided information on any Medical Centre you wish to consider purchasing.

MCAB is pleased to assist Medical Centre buyers in any way we can. Although we act for the owner in most cases we maintain strong relationships with buyers, as they too one day become sellers.

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